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Cocoa Coffee Fudge Brittle

Hello from beautiful, sunny Tucson, Arizona! My name is Roxanna - the creator of all of the wonderful products you are about to see!

I am very proud of all of my product creations and am confident you will find something in Sweet Rustler Treats' product line that you like! I started the company many years ago with just one product - FHANTOM FUDGE.  I later created ARIZONA LOCO COCOA, followed shortly by COFFEE GONE LOCO.  Before long sugar free RAINBOW BRITTLE was added to the product line. My newest sweet treat is a line of all natural, sugar free and gluten free flavor powders called STIR CRAZYLearn More>>

 So browse and enjoy!  I would love to hear from you concerning your experiences with (and any thoughts about) my product line.  I especially enjoy receiving suggestions for new flavors!

(Please feel free to contact me if there are any parts of this website not working properly).


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